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Many people think of creative writing as a purely joyful easeful activity because of the word creative, and it can be all of the above. But creating a strong piece of writing also involves steady application, and the hard work that you’ve all done in getting your words onto the blank page.


Facing that wide open, unwritten upon space can feel daunting, especially when you’re writing about painful, difficult experiences. But the blank page is also a symbol of freedom and possibility. Some of you have written of recent life experiences and made new discoveries during the workshop. There’s room for all of it, for all of you, as individuals and as a group.


I know your hope for this anthology is that it will encourage others who have important stories to tell. You’ve done courageous work and shown the steady commitment that takes one from first drafts to developing, revising, and editing. We’ve talked about writing taking real grit. The stick-with-it-ness required to shape your thoughts, memories, feelings and ideas into a powerful communication to the world is no small thing.


My hope is that you’ll feel gratified in knowing your work will benefit others. Both those who want to use writing as a form of healing, and those who will feel the tremendous impact of hearing your stories that you’ve crafted into artful writing.


With deep appreciation,

Carol Adinolfi Workshop Facilitator, Editor

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